Hi my name is Buddy. 

A warm welcome to my webpage.

I am a travel companion & a special friend to all young holidaymakers.

My quest is to hold your hand while you see the world.

Please ask your big people if you would like me to come on holiday with you & your family.....

I travel for free on all major airlines. I love lazy days at the pool, basking on the beach and eating fine food from around the globe.

I live with my guardian taxi drivers & you will find me in your car on the way to the airport.

I am allowed to go on holiday with anyone who will take care of me for a week or two.....

All I ask is that you, or one of your loved ones, take at least one photo of me on your holiday for my webpage. 

Rules: I can only be pictured alone or with your big people & I don't like getting wet ! apart from that anything goes. I especially like pics on the plane,

 out shopping & chilling by the pool. 

(Parents/ Guardians, please ask your friendly taxi operator if you would like me to be ready to fly on your departure.......